Our aim for our good care provision priority

Our aim is to keep our children close to home and to be the best corporate parents we can be.

Where we can we want to support families to stay together. Where children and young people do need care we want to make sure this is in family-base care wherever possible.

We want to make sure that:

  • we have the right educational and housing options for our children in care and care leavers
  • we improve the health and wellbeing of our children in care and care leavers
  • there is a range of short breaks available to support families with children with SEND so that they're able to continue to care for their children

What we're going to do to achieve our aims for good care provision

We will:

  • undertake better planning for children in need to make sure they do not enter care in an unplanned way
  • strengthen fostering services, making sure we meet sufficiency needs and provide a robust service for the most vulnerable teenagers and children which helps avoid breakdown or escalation
  • establish a service using the learning from the No Wrong Door model to support young people in the care system to have more stable placements; to remain or return to foster care, whichever is more appropriate

Supported housing and homes for children

We will:

  • establish a new children's home as part of our overall residential strategy
  • review our young people's supported housing and make sure there's sufficient and good quality supported accommodation in the right location to support the most vulnerable young people in their transition to adulthood and independent living
  • embed our joint protocol between children's services and housing to make sure that young people who are at risk of homelessness get a strong response that's focused on the best outcomes for young people

Helping families of children in care or care leavers

We will:

  • establish a new service that helps children who are going into care or those with a child protection plan have quality family time and contact
  • develop the therapeutic offer in Dorset so that children and young people who have experienced trauma get the help they need when they need it
  • develop market capacity for short breaks
  • commission and facilitate a comprehensive short break offer that supports families and prevents escalation to care or in-patient status

People who look after children in care or care leavers

We will:

  • make sure all people who work with or are involved in the lives of children in care or care leavers can play a proactive part in corporate parenting
  • make sure all people working with children in care or care leavers are doing everything they can to help children and young people have great outcomes
  • explore the use of Family Group Conferences (FGC) as a restorative and preventative service so that they take place earlier in the family journey

Other ways you can help with providing good care

You can: