Our aim for delivering locally priority

Our aim is to join up services in Dorset to become a whole system that strengthens families' ability to care for and sustain their children.

We can do this by:

  • embedding the new model of children's services
  • identifying opportunities for service integration
  • building on community assets that already exist


What we're going to do for the delivering locally priority

We will:

  • make our services easy to access by:
    • being based locally in communities
    • exploring virtual and digital service offers to complement face-to-face support
  • work together in multi-professional teams to wrap the right support around children and families, taking a whole family approach
  • look for opportunities to co-locate or integrate our services where this could improve child and family outcomes and value for money
  • coordinate our work through 6 local alliance groups that bring together local partners to understand local needs and develop local plans that make the most of collective resources and address issues that are important to local communities
  • update our partnership Early Help Strategy and Plan
  • focus on providing more early help by making sure all practitioners have the tools they need to initiate and provide early help
  • define and publish the early help offer of all partners and make sure that it's easy to access for children, young people, families and professionals
  • develop mechanisms for understanding the amount of early help delivered by all partnership organisations and its impact
  • embed whole family approaches with a particular focus on addressing the needs of children living with:
    • parental substance use
    • mental ill-health
    • domestic abuse
  • map the existing assets and resources in local communities that we can build on to meet the needs of children and families and work with communities to address gaps. This includes:
    • people
    • places
    • community groups
    • buildings
    • schools
    • organisations
  • explore investment in capacity building for communities and staff to be able to work in different ways

What you can do to help with the delivering locally priority

You can: