Our aim for the best place to live priority

Our aim is to make Dorset the best place to live and grow up.

Our children and young people will live in thriving communities where they can safely live, learn and play and where all voices are valued and respected. 

Our young people want to be able to get to and participate in positive activities and for us to work together to actively protect the natural environment. 

What we're going to do for the best place to live priority

We will:

  • create and publish more opportunities for children and young people to get involved in their communities and to develop the skills to create change on issues that are important to them
  • make sure information about activities and opportunities for children and young people is easily accessible and promoted to young people, including through social media
  • work together and with wider partners so that there's a range of different places to go and things for children and young people to do, including:
    • play spaces
    • arts
    • music
    • sports activities
    • leisure and outdoor learning
    • physical activity
    • environmental and youth activities, making the most of schools and community spaces such as community gardens and allotments
  • provide a range of opportunities for young people to influence our strategic decision making including:
    • a youth council
    • a children in care council
    • a care leavers' forum
    • groups for children and young people with learning disabilities
  • involve young people in our recruitment and selection and commissioning arrangements

Aims in the community

We will:

  • work together to make sure that communities, services and businesses are welcoming, inclusive places where young people with SEND are able to make friends and be included in community life
  • promote the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and ways of creating schools and communities that respect these rights
  • promote anti-discriminatory and anti-racist education and practices, listening carefully to and acting on the experiences of children and young people from Black and other minority communities in Dorset
  • work together to create safe communities
  • adopt a contextual safeguarding approach to keeping our children and young people safe, recognising the importance of the different relationships that young people form in their neighbourhoods, schools and online and how these can impact on their safety and wellbeing

Environmental aims

We will:

  • make sure the children's and young people's education, wellbeing and leisure needs are considered in any building and future housing developments
  • work with our colleagues to improve accessibility in the countryside and local beaches, increase the number of cycle lanes and improve public transport
  • champion:
    • the use of green energy
    • the reduction in waste
    • recycling
    • reduction in the use of plastic
  • work to reduce the carbon emissions from all our organisations

What you can do to help with the best place to live priority

You can help by:

  • actively seeking out books that have wider representation
  • creating work experience or volunteering opportunities for children and young people
  • always taking your litter home
  • reducing your carbon footprint by using more green energy, walking or cycling
  • finding ideas on how to get involved in our Sustainable Schools
  • encouraging your child to cycle or walk to school