Our aim for the best education for all priority

We want to be an education community that delivers the best outcomes for our children and young people together.

We want to:

  • make sure we support our schools and educational settings to deliver the best education possible
  • make sure we support our children are supported to achieve their full potential
  • improve the proportion of schools that are good or outstanding across the county, to:
    • improve educational progress of children
    • reduce the number of exclusions from school
    • improve school attendance
    • support children who are educated at home

What we're going to do to achieve our aims for the best education for all priority

Every child is different and unique

We will:

  • take a person-centred approach that emphasises the importance of working with our education community to enable children, young people and their families to enhance their learning
  • make person-centred planning a cornerstone of our joint working approach. This will help us work with children and their families co-produce solutions that make a real difference

Every child and young person has a different life experience

We need to think flexibly to support them in different ways and intervene early when things are not working. 

We will:

  • make sure that children and young people can be supported within a school setting through a graduated response and in an inclusive way that creates safe, engaging and exciting learning environments where they thrive
  • strengthen our education system from early years through to post-16  provision. Strong transitions will be very important in making sure every child gets the best possible education.
  • work together as an education community to make sure every child has a positive learning experience and makes progress

Our commitment to education, health and care (EHC) plans

We will:

  • make sure our EHC plans are of a high quality, person-centred and co-produced with children and their families
  • work as a whole system; our education community will strengthen our leadership through collaboration
  • share exemplary practice, business intelligence
  • create opportunities to innovate to make sure our education provision can achieve the best possible outcomes
  • strengthen our multi-agency working in our education community

How we will collaborate for the best education for all

Collaboration across our education community along with a culture of being mutually supportive is key to our success.

Sharing information and working together on strategies across our community has helped us target need for our most vulnerable children, particularly at a time of crisis. We want to build on this.

We will:

  • identify the need for support for children and young people early; using a multi-agency approach will allow us to deliver the right support at the right time. We know that bringing together the important networks in a child's or young person's life with partner agencies and our schools working together can achieve outstanding outcomes
  • use our multi-agency approach to make sure that our education community continuously improves to remove the barriers which means we can act responsively. This will mean better coordination of support and stronger communication focused on the child or young person and their family at the centre
  • build on our partnership work so far and develop and implement an Education and Inclusion Strategy focused on improving educational outcomes for all children and young people (including vulnerable children) and improving our offer for children and young people with special educational needs and disability (SEND)
  • promote free school meals to families and encourage those who are entitled to take up the offer
  • continue to support the development and delivery of more vocational education courses, including T levels to provide more options for young people
  • work with employers through our Post-16 Skills Plan to support the post-16 curriculum

How you can help with the best education for all priority

Schools in Dorset

Find useful information about schools in Dorset.

Think about becoming a school governor. School governors play a key role in leading, supporting and improving schools.

Find more information about school governors on the Inspiring Governance website.

Ask your local school how you can help and volunteer by joining the parent teacher association (PTA) for example.

Find SEND information

Promote the Dorset Council Local Offer for children and young people from 0 to 25 years with SEND. It provides information, advice and support for children and their families.