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Technology to help - falls and staying safe


A careline can alert a monitoring centre and call for assistance if needed. The simplest form of a careline is a personal alarm, which includes a button on a pendant or wrist strap and a base unit that works with your telephone system.

You can press the button if you need help, for example, if you have fallen over and can't get up or if you feel unwell or unsafe. Pressing the button will contact a monitoring centre and a speaker on the base unit will let you talk to them. The monitoring centre will then call a family member, friend or the emergency services, depending on what you need.

Please note that carelines rely on you pressing the button yourself for assistance. If this is not possible, you may want to think about having sensors instead. You can add extra sensors to the base unit that can trigger alerts to the monitoring centre. See the following section for more information about sensors.

Sensors and detectors

Sensors and detectors can be used with your careline. They can detect many things and alert the monitoring centre without you having to take any action.

Type of sensor or detectorHow it can help you
Fall detector This is worn on the wrist and will send an alert to the monitoring centre if you fall over. This can be very useful if you fall over and become unconscious, being unable to press your careline button yourself
Bed sensor This is usually placed under your mattress. It can alert the monitoring centre if you have got out of bed and not returned after a set period of time, for example, if you have fallen over. You can set the times you go to bed and get up each day, so the sensor will only send alerts overnight
Chair sensor  This is usually placed under the cushion of your chair. During the day it can alert the monitoring centre if you get up and don't return after a set period of time, for example, if you fall over
Movement detector These are placed at a high level in your hallway or living room. They can be set to send an alert to the monitoring centre if they don't detect any activity for a set period of time

We have further information about preventing trips and falls.

Where to find equipment

We have a directory of equipment suppliers who you can buy equipment from directly.

Contact us if you would like to talk to someone about equipment and technology.

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