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Day centres

Daytime Activities and Opportunities for Older People and Adults with disabilities

We want to give people more choice and control over the support they receive, offering real, personalised opportunities and activities which promote independence, enhance wellbeing and meet the outcomes people want to achieve. 

Everyone who receives care and support through the council should receive a review every year and we will soon be reviewing people who currently receive day services looking at their interests, abilities and what is important to them and see if their outcomes can be better met in a community setting. This could be going to a club with like-minded people or a café with a group of friends, attending a leisure centre, volunteering, or accessing learning or work opportunities. 

We know that daytime care and respite for carers is important and we will be working closely with service users, their carers and families to make sure that the right range of options are in place to meet people’s individual needs. 

If you have had a letter about a review of the day services you currently receive and you have any queries, you can see our frequently asked questionsor telephone 01305 221016. If you have not received a letter, it means you're not affected by this review.

If you need support to express your views and wishes advocacy may help you.

You can find a list of services in our Adult Care Directory.

Equitable for charges for day care and transport

In May 2015 the former Dorset County Council did some public consultation on possible changes to the amount that people contribute to the cost of the adult social care services they use. From the information collected at that time, it was agreed that the actual cost of services used should be charged and subsidies and discounts would no longer apply. 

The increased contributions have been put into place in stages over the last four years. Currently all care apart from attending day centres and transport is now charged at the full cost. The final step in putting the policy in place is about to happen. This means that all service users who make a contribution to the cost of their services are treated equally. 

Anyone whose financial assessment showed that they could afford to pay all, or a greater amount towards the actual cost would be affected. Your last financial assessment showed that you are able to make a higher contribution towards the cost of the services you use. This means that your weekly contribution will be increasing in line with that assessment from Sunday 8 September. The increases will take effect in 2 stages. The full cost of transport along with the first 50% of day centre charges will be applied from this date with the second 50% of day centre charges being applied from 6 October. 

Please see below a table showing the services you currently receive and how the weekly billing would change if you continue with these services unaltered: 

Equitable for charges for day care and transport


Weekly Charge from 8 September

Weekly Charge from 6 October

Day Care at Wareham Plus



Transport to Wareham Plus



Capped by Financial Assessment (if applicable)



Total weekly charge



Concessionary transport

If you currently have concessionary transport, you currently pay Tricuro for that transport. From Sunday 8 September this will change, and all transport will be charged by Dorset Council at the rate of £10 per single journey. This will be part of your 4-weekly care invoice from Dorset Council and no transport costs should be paid directly to day centres for journeys after 8September.

Please be reassured that all the above changes remain subject to your financial assessment.  No-one will be charged more than they are assessed as being able to afford to pay. The council is not allowed to charge more than the cost of providing the services.

If you're affected by these changes, you will receive a letter in the next week or so, explaining that you'll be contacted by a dedicated Social Worker to help you. 

You can see our frequently asked questionspage or telephone 01305 221016. If you have not received a letter, it means you're not affected by this review.


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