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Broadband in your home

Superfast broadband provides many benefits to residents, including:

  • Fewer dropouts. Superfast broadband is more reliable that standard broadband, this means that you will experience far few dropouts, if any at all

  • Everyone can get online at the same time. The faster speeds mean that there is more than enough to go around. Superfast broadband allows everyone in the house to get online and not have to wait to stream, download or upload content

  • Buffering becomes a thing of the past. Streaming HD quality video content is instantaneous

  • No more lag. Important for many online gamers, the reduction in lag means that you can get stuck in to the action without falling behind

  • Better quality video calls. Whether it is talking to your friend down the road or family on the other side of the world, superfast broadband will allow you to call with better quality video and audio without experiencing dropouts

  • Faster downloads and uploads. Whether you are downloading a movie or uploading a video of your band, superfast broadband makes short work of moving large files around the web

  • Similar/less cost to basic broadband. Your existing broadband service is not necessarily the lowest price
  • Superfast broadband can increase the value of your house. 68.8% of survey participants said they would hesitate buying a house if it did not have fast broadband. 73.9% thought that broadband was critical to have in their home

Check if you can upgrade your broadband today.


A day at Auntie Nina's - the benefits of better broadband at home
A day at Auntie Nina's - the benefits of better broadband at home


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