Hackney carriages (taxis)

Hackney carriages (taxis) can work from various ranks in the town or area and can also be hailed in the street. They have a roof sign and a coloured plate on the back of their vehicles.

Each hackney carriage must be fitted with a taxi-meter, which is calibrated to show the fare to be charged. Fares are controlled by the council and it is against the law to charge more than is displayed on a meter. Every hackney carriage should display a fare chart so customers can see the maximum that can be charged for a journey.

Our fare charts are available to download:

Private hire vehicles

Private hire vehicles are only available by prior booking through a private hire office and are not allowed to be hailed in the street. These vehicles have a blue coloured plate on the back.

We do not control fares for private hire vehicles. The cost of a journey is agreed upon between the operator and the customer when the trip is booked. 

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