Save money, waste and energy by going back to the tap!

Councils are still under considerable pressure to save money. Contrary to popular belief, recycling doesn't generate significant amounts of revenue but is merely cheaper to deal with than black-bin rubbish. The less waste we receive, the better for the taxpayer and, most importantly, the environment.

Our focus throughout the summer months will be on reducing the use of ‘single use’ items, especially plastic bottles. Therefore it is the perfect time to bring back the Tap Water Challenge, where we head out with our roadshows across Dorset to test the public on whether they can taste the difference between bottled and tap water.

As a reward for taking the challenge, participants may be offered a free reusable drinking bottle. This bottle is 100% reusable, dishwasher safe and made from a bio-based plastic which is 87% sugarcane, a sustainable and renewable source.

Top up your bottle with tap water for free at refill stations displaying the Refill sticker. You can find more information from our partners at Litter Free Coast and Sea.

You can also find out when and where our roadshows are taking place by liking or following our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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