We offer a large indoor and outdoor space where children can meet up with friends and have fun. 

Activities include:  

  • puzzles, bingo and board games
  • pool and table football
  • dressing up clothes and other resources for role play
  • dolls, cars, trains, roads and tracks, Lego, wooden bricks, blocks
  • cooking and baking
  • face paints
  • books
  • X-Box and DVDs
  • den making resources

Art and craft

In the arts and crafts area children get the chance to be creative with paint, clay, junk modelling, material and various other items.

Outdoor activities 

The club has a large outdoor area where children can play and carry out activities. Children can:

  • choose from range of sport equipment 
  • play on scooters 
  • play tennis, badminton, cricket, football 
  • use our climbing wall 
  • practice forest skills 
  • gardening, planting 
  • use the garden for quiet time, such as reading 

The club also has the use of a dedicated wildlife area and the grounds of Archbishop Wake School. Here children can take part in games and sports with larger teams and use the play trail.

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