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Read the criteria and apply for the youth fund grant.

How we make our decision about the youth fund grant

Dorset Council Officers will shortlist, review and make recommendations for funding via our Grant Panel.  

The Grant Panel is made up of:

  • 2 specialist Dorset Council Officers (one acts as the panel Chair)
  • 2 councillors (one of which is the portfolio holder for Children, Education, Skills and Early Help)
  • 2 young people

The administrating officer will contact the Local Member/s with a summary of the application. Their views will then form part of the documentation considered by the assessment panel.

Each member of the grant evaluation panel will screen the applications to ensure fairness.

Where a conflict of interest occurs the relevant officer or representative will not take part in the assessment and the conflict of interest will be recorded.

Our Grants Officer or Manager will put forward an assessment summary of all eligible and shortlisted applications with Officer recommendations to be considered by each of the grant panels. The recommendation by the Grants Officer/Manager is for guidance only.

The Panel will assess each application against the fund criteria and use a scoring matrix to agree and prioritise awards. Decisions are made by a majority vote. Where there is no majority the council’s Portfolio holder for Children, Education, Skills and Early Help will have the deciding vote. The panel decision is final.

If an applicant withdraws their application after the panel decision has been made, the Chair, in consultation with the other panel members, can agree to award the grant to another applicant.

Any decision to amend the award if the project or organisation has changed, or new information comes to light that affects the application will be considered by the Grants Officer/Manager and Panel Chair, in consultation with other panel members as appropriate.

Youth fund grant data sharing

As Dorset Council, we will share basic data information about your application with other local grant managers or funding streams. This will enable us to:

  • make informed funding decisions
  • avoid duplication of funding
  • ensure value for money is achieved through our grant making processes

Dorset Council will also ensure that applicants data is stored appropriately. See details of our Data Privacy and GDPR policy.

How we will tell you about awarding the youth fund grant

We will try to let all applicants know our decision within 3 weeks of the grant fund closing date of midnight on Monday 17 January 2022.

If we receive a high volume of applications we may need to extend the closing date.

The Panel or Officers may also need to obtain further information about the application, and this may require additional time before confirming a decision. Where this is the case we will let you know.

Release of funding will depend upon the type of grant being offered. Funding decisions can be for:

  • a full award
  • a partial award
  • declining award

If you're successful we will make the funding available to you in full at the start.

For newly established groups (those who have been in existence for fewer than 12 months) the first grant payment may also be subject to the applicant fulfilling certain conditions, for example providing a safeguarding policy or confirming appropriate governance.

We will make grant payments by a BACS payment upon receipt of an appropriate invoice from the applicant.

Appeal, complain or provide feedback about the youth fund grant process

We do not provide feedback if we have declined an application, unless the applicant requests it.

There is no appeals process as all decisions made by the panel are final.

We welcome feedback from all applicants on our application process and we're continually looking at ways to make improvements to make sure that the process is efficient and effective.

If you're not satisfied with the service or advice that we've provided, you can make a complaint following Dorset Council’s Complaints Procedure.

Monitoring and evaluating the youth fund grant process

We have a robust and consistent process in place for monitoring and evaluating our grant monies. The process includes:

  • agreed outcomes contained in the applicant's grant agreement
  • clear information and timescales relating to the monitoring process which may also include the collection of data around social impact, return on investment, or community benefit (impact)
  • a range of monitoring methodologies, for example; face to face, phone, virtual or by a grant survey
  • proportionality; the monitoring process will be proportionate to the size of the grant awarded
  • allocating a designated officer for your project for the term of the grant
  • regular monitoring which will be at 6 monthly intervals followed by an end of project report. In some cases, where the level of investment and risk to the council is higher we may carry out additional monitoring
  • feedback from the designated officer to the applicant where performance issues exist and suggestions on how to improve

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