We are training frontline employees as embedded digital champions to help Dorset residents become more digitally confident.

You will receive training to improve your own digital skills and skills such as open questioning and active listening so you can help the customers you work with.

The training is:

  • provided online by us
  • 6 hours in total, split over 3 weeks of 2 hour sessions
  • fully funded so there is nothing to pay

Hear more about the Embedded Digital Champion project from the chief executive at Dorset Council, Matt Prosser.

What you'll learn

Your learning will be based on the Essential Digital Skills Framework which covers these topics: 

  • exploring the barriers to getting online  
  • communication tools – such as WhatsApp and email  
  • using the internet to troubleshoot  
  • guest speaker from Dorset Cyber Security Police to cover online safety  
  • soft skills – such as open questioning and active listening  
  • expert input on accessibility tools  
  • looking at case studies to put into practice all the skills explored 

Who the training is suitable for

The training is suitable for anyone who works in a frontline role with Dorset residents and can help them become more confident with digital skills. 

For example:

  • library staff might show someone how to renew a book online rather than coming into the library to do it
  • a housing officer might help them set up an account to apply for social housing

You need to be:​ 

  • motivated to help others ​ 
  • willing and understand the need to build rapport with learners ​ 
  • keen to promote the benefits of having digital skills 
  • a digital enthusiast who is keen to learn and keep up to date themselves ​ 
  • a good communicators and active listener ​ 
  • trusted and patient​ 

You don’t necessarily need to be a digital wizard​ or know all things digital.

What you'll get from the training

You'll get:

  • confidence to help others​ 
  • improved digital skills​ 
  • job/volunteer fulfilment and recognition from colleagues​ 
  • to meet new people in an online community ​ - working across Dorset 
  • customers/clients who engage with your services online and reduce your workloads as they become more digitally confident and independent  
  • raised awareness of digital support available in Dorset and useful online resources  

Sign up

Email edc@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk with your name, the organisation you work for and the role you carry out and we'll get in touch with you. 

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