Who can become a supported lodgings provider

Anyone can be a provider as long as they are a home owner or rent their own house.

To provide the right support for the young person, you will need:

  • a spare room and live on the premises
  • to be able to work with Supported Lodgings workers and Social Workers as part of a team
  • to be able to keep information about the young person confidential
  • to be fit and healthy
  • to ensure that your accommodation meets our our health and safety checklist
  • be able to attend appropriate training courses
  • to complete an Enhanced DBS check and all relevant identity checks

If you meet the previous criteria, you will then need to

  • take part in the assessment and statutory checks process
  • undergo an assessment period
  • have a household health and safety check
  • be cleared of all statutory checks, including a household health and safety check
  • have an interview

You will then need to sign a contract with us. This outlines the quality, standards and regulation of support services offered by you. 

What the task involves

You'll rent a room to a young person between the ages of 16 and 25 years old.  The young person must have a separate bedroom and normally a front door key.  They'll share your kitchen, bathroom, sitting room and facilities subject to negotiation. Each young person will need to sign a Licence Agreement. This will confirm their rent arrangements.

You'll offer practical and emotional support depending on their needs. We'll make a support plan for the young person. This will happen at an initial meeting involving you and the social worker, Supported Lodgings worker and the young person.

The plan will identify what support you give to the young person and the young person's role in ensuring they access this support and take on tasks for themselves

We will review the support plan on a regular basis.  You'll also need to keep a daily log of the support you are giving.

If you are absent, an approved and nominated adult must live at the premises to cover support.

What support you'll get with costs

You will get paid rent and support costs. You'll also receive a contribution from the young person each week.

What responsibility you have as a provider

The provider has responsibility for:

  • supporting their progress
  • reporting any concerns to the young person's social worker
  • making regular contact with the Supported Lodgings worker

The provider does not have parental responsibility for the young person.

Insurance as a supported lodgings provider

We have Public Liability Insurance for up to £5 million to cover providers. The provider will need to arrange household insurances against any accidental damages.

What the young people in supported lodgings will be like

Like all groups of people, young people in this scheme will:

  • be different
  • have diverse needs and backgrounds

They will need a safe place to live where they can develop skills for independent living. We will discuss each placement and agree the aims for each. We will try to match their needs with your strengths and availability to provide support.

How you become a provider

For further details contact the Supported Lodgings Team who can send you information and an application form.

Supported Lodgings Team

Tel: 01305 225809
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